Graphic Design Tools

Graphic Designer creates visual concepts to communicate to people. It includes a combination of images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience. Its created especially to produce a specific effect. There are various tools to build an innovative design. They are one of the most essential parts.

Various tools of graphic designing include abode tools, sketch up, CAD, etc. There are various tools that a graphic designer needs for his/her work but adobe tools are considered to be the most advanced as well as used tools worldwide.

PHOTO EDITING: Adobe photoshop

It is used to edit raster images. Raster images are the ones that are created by a combination of various pixels. Photoshop helps in various things such as color correction, image editing, special effects, etc. Though there have been many editing software which has come out after adobe photoshop none could be even close to replacing photoshop. Photoshop provides advanced techniques and tools. If one knows how to use these tools efficiently they help in creating a beautiful effect.

Benefits :

1. Easy editing of raster images.

2. Quick file export

3. Worldwide use and is compatible with any laptop.

4. Aids in professional editing.

VECTOR CREATION: Adobe illustrator

In earlier times coral draw was used to create vectors. But now Adobe Illustrator has efficiently replaced Corel draw. They are highly useful in creating different types of vector images.

Benefits :

  1.  Create Logos, Icons.
  2. To create various vector illustrator
  3. To build web graphic
  4. Easy to use
  5. Aids in creating creatives


Adobe InDesign is used to create magazines, reports, catalogs, and books. We have easy tools and accessibility. You can create any type of document you want in this very easily.

Benefits :

  1.  Used to Write Reports, Magazines, Catalogs, and Books.
  2. Easy to use
  3. easy export options
  4. Very efficient