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Color Theory | Elements of Graphic Designing

Colour theory is an art and a science as well of using colours for different purposes. Colours play various roles in many special things like graphic designing, marketing, revolutions and moments, and many other social causes like pink colour is used for spreading awareness about breast cancer. In this blog, we are going to see the use of colours in graphic designing and how colours actually help in making a product or brand more visible to the customers.

Correct use of colours in graphic designing is very crucial as it can make or break the meaning of your design.

Colours are basically divided into 3 categories:-

  1. Primary colours
  2. Secondary colours
  3. Tertiary colours

Primary colours (Red, Green and Blue)

Red, green and blue are the three primary colours in this world and these colours are called primary because these are not made by humans by any procedure or are not made my mixing any 2 or more colours together, they occur naturally.

These colours complement each other in a great manner and can be used together and still make a great design alone. These colours are mostly used for the highlighting purposes because of their high visibility from great distances.

Secondary colours

Secondary colours are the colours which are made after mixing two primary colours.

Primary + Primary = Secondary

For example-            Red + Green = Brown

One can easily use these colours individually, or can pair them up with each other and also with the primary and tertiary colours. Else, they look pretty cool when paired up with the opposite colour in the colour wheel.

Tertiary colours

Tertiary colours are the colours made by mixing up 2 or more secondary colours. Tertiary colours include the maximum number of colours among the three colour categories. Also, tertiary colours can be made by mixing equal amounts of primary and secondary colours together.

Secondary + Secondary = Tertiary

For example-                                       Yellow + Orange = Amber

Primary + Secondary = Tertiary

For example-                                            Red + Orange = Vermillion

Using tertiary colours for designing is easier than the other categories because of the high range of colours. We can make beautiful designs by using all of the colours at one time as they look pretty good together in one frame.

Black and White

Black and white, 2 most important colours when it comes to graphic designing, fashion, or any other sector which defines beauty. These colours act as best backgrounds and every design is started on a black or a white plane. In fact, one can easily design a very beautiful logo or design using just these 2 colours.

These colours are also used to make shades of other colours by mixing them with respective colours. If we mix black with a colour then it makes a darker shade of the colour and if we mix white with any colour then it makes a lighter shade of the colour depending upon the proportion of colours mixed with each other.

One can use just one colour from those categories and black and white and still make a very beautiful design.